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Achieving High-Integrity Voluntary Climate Action

ACHIEVE is a Horizon Europe project that aims to strengthen and scale up high-integrity voluntary climate action towards achieving net-zero emissions by mid-century.

Key outcomes

Frameworks for integrity assessment
Transition pathways
Roadmap for stakeholders
Policy recommendations for scaling up
Stakeholder community

Key stakeholders

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Policymakers and negotiators elaborating subnational, national, EU and international policies.
Initiatives aiming to enhance the credibility and integrity of climate actions and avoid greenwashing.
Businesses embracing carbon credit schemes for emission reduction and institutions setting high-integrity financial standards for climate action.
Communities driving climate action projects and shaping local needs into scalable transition pathways, guided by local policymakers.
Researchers advancing the state of the art and excellence of voluntary climate action research in different disciplines.
Organisations fostering and monitoring voluntary climate action.